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Conducted 200+ Seminars || TRANSFORMED 5,00,000+ people till date
Josh Talks speaker || Professional Speaker since the past 12 Years
Award winning Entrepreneur || Delivered 50 speeches in 50 days

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Saurabh bhatnagar

  • Co-Founder Geekotech

Aditi Parashar

  • Indigo Airlines


LEE SZE YONGYouth Empowered, Singapore
An amazing individual who never fail to inspire me! Rahul has been blessed with a gift in public speaking. He often provides his audience a different perspective to life and issues, and many times in a down-to-earth manner. Did I mention he is humorous too! Rahul is also a strong advocator in positive youth development. He enjoys working with youths, mentoring and empowering them. I had the privilege to experience him in action in India and in Singapore. A great friend whom I count blessed.
ADITI PARASHARAir Hostess, Indigo Airlines
When you are an air hostess being presentable is just not enough, you also need that super power of communicating in the right manner at the right time. Thankfully I had no problem in this regard since I have this amazing person as my mentor. How to talk, how to convey your view point, how to deal with different people, how to communicate effectively. I know it all now. Rahul sir is a motivator, a person who will only fill you with positivity and enlighten you with things you are not even aware of. It is only because of his Workshops that I am doing great in my field today. Whatever I have learnt from him is implemented by me almost every day in my professional life. Thank you Rahul Sir.
Dr. PRIYA GROVERFaculty at Symbiosis International
I have seen Rahul since the first day when he started with his Entrepreneurial Venture – Uprist Service Portal Private Limited (USP). I have seen the struggle when their team used to stand under the boiling sun outside our college premises to interact with the audience. His passion and dedication towards his work his phenomenal. No wonder he touches people through his words. I see a lot of honesty in him and I strongly feel that he is the go to man if you are looking to enhance your Communication Skills or grow your business. A Case Study on his company is taught to management students to inspire them.
DEEPAK DAMODAR SHARMAAnalytics Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland
Rahul Bhatnagar is a rising star, the most consistent and dedicated person I have met. He achieves the goals he sets; I personally witnessed his passion for achieving his goal of delivering 50 speeches in 50 days. An excellent communicator, influencer and a brilliant leader. I am sure he will help many more to achieve their goals. We need more leaders like Rahul Bhatnagar. I would like to thank Rahul for his efforts to share his learning with Cybercity Toastmasters club. All the best Rahul for all your future endeavors.
Elena SchillerProfessional Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach, Germany
Rahul is a dedicated speaker who through his thoughtful and encouraging speeches is always successful in lighting up the best of the people. His words are always addressed to the people’s core motivation and lead them to where they truly belong.Rahul is a gentle, intelligent and a caring person who is always there to help.
ASHISH Customs Officer
I was very nervous even with the thought of giving an interview, until I came in touch with Rahul Sir. In my interview, I looked straight into the eyes of my interviewer and answered all his questions. I felt supremely confident because of my learnings from Rahul Sir.

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Self Belief
Fitness Matters
Goal Setting
Sales Mastery
Social Media Mastery
Story Telling Techniques
Impromptu Speaking
Speak English fluently
Kill excuses
Essentials of Communication
Achieve all your dreams
New year resolutions
Life hacks & strategies
Time management
Get Your Money Right
Professional Written Communication
Get Rid of your Limiting Beliefs
All about Leadership
Digital Marketing & Building Funnels
Vocabulary + Grammar + Pronunciation
Presentation Skills & Building Mobile Apps
30 Daily Hacks to become an Effective Speaker
Stop procrastinating & utilise your time
Consistency + Implementing Funnels
Decision Making & Getting rid of over thinking
Adding humour to your speech + Blue Ocean Theory
Content preparation & Prepared speeches
The amazing benefits of travelling
It all starts from zero
Self education
Delivering prepared speeches
Always overdeliver
35 Public speaking hacks
Get rid of negativity
Why go digital?
20 Unique Ways to Start Your Session/Speech/ Presentation
Non Verbal Communication (Eye Contact, Body Language, Posture, Facial Expressions, Stage Coverage)
Excel at your workplace
The power of taking initiatives
Failure leads to success
Get the speaking assignments
Email Marketing
How to conduct the perfect webinar?
Negotiation Skills
Email Etiquettes
27 habits of Highly Successful People
Life is happening for you and not to you
How to conduct effective seminars?
How to raise your vibe before you start speaking?
Setting up your Online Course
9 Pillars of Written Communication
Facebook Ads-Workshops by Saurabh Bhatnagar
Video Mastery by Reshu Singhal
How to monetise your Skills?
Email list building by Karthik Ramani
Copywriting hacks by Saurabh Bhatnagar
Grammar and Sentence Construction
How to develop consistency in life?
10 Ways to start your Online Income
How to Deliver Effective PowerPoint Presentations?
How to earn money through Affiliate marketing?
How to get clients online?
How to conduct long duration sessions?
How to become an audience centric speaker?
Leveraging your Social Media (Facebook & LinkedIn)
Leveraging your Social Media (Instagram & YouTube)
How to effectively manage your team?
Effective One to One Communication Strategies
From Passion to Monetisation
The Vision behind Communication & Business Mastery
Effectively managing your time
How to Effectively communicate through videos?
Start loving yourself
Getting rid of Stage fear
Stop thinking short term
How to monetise your communication skills?
Train your mind
Get rid of the fear of Speaking in English
How to gather & continue working with momentum?
Power point presentation hacks
How to build your personal brand?
Including personal examples during Public Speaking
Public Speaking Master class
Action before Perfection
Extempore Session
How to develop and exhibit PATIENCE?
Conquer 2020
25 Strategies to crack any Interview
Strategies for Written Professional Communication
The complete strategy to create Video Content
35 daily steps to speak confidently in English
Exclusive follow-up strategies
Emotional Intelligence
20 ways to generate revenue through Effective Communication Skills
All details about International Software Launches by Saurabh Bhatnagar
How to develop Amazing "Self Awareness"
Persistence Pays
How to find your niche?
11 ways to start and scale your online income
TikTok Growth Hacks
24 Benefits of taking your work online
The Most Comprehensive Sales Workshop
Public Speaking Workshop
Essentials of a Successful Business
How to conduct the perfect webinar?
10 Traits of a successful leader
How to start your Public Speaking journey?
22 hacks for Advanced Verbal Communication
37 hacks for gaining Supreme Confidence
Specialisation is the key to success
How to be positive and productive during the COVID-19 challenging times?
How to attract abundance in your life?
How to become a Shameless Self Promoter?
Effective Communication at your Workplace
Let's talk about Mental Health
23 essentials of every speaking session
Effective communication on Social Media platforms
Complete guide on structuring your content
Reducing your phone screen time + Getting amazing results from the Internet
How to create Effective Videos?
How to conduct Online Sessions?
Learn to accept your flaws
Learn to Manage Your Money
10 High Income Streams
27 Communication Mistakes to be avoided
Getting rid of negative feelings and negative emotions
27 ways to earn money through Public Speaking & Personal Branding
Communication tips - "Holding the audience"
27 Essential Qualities to become the Most Effective Leader
27 Essential Habits to live a Happy life and have a Peaceful Mind
Work and growth opportunities after COVID19
53 ways to develop a Super Positive Mindset
How to become an impactful storyteller?
27 ways to Improve your Non-Verbal Communication
27 ways to control time for you
How to attract wealth in your life?
How to make the best use of the remaining 40 days of 2020?
Develop these 5E's to become an Impeccable Communicator

Detailed Breakup of All the Modules in Communication & Business Mastery

A. Preview

1. How to get the maximum out of this course?

2. Before we begin, see these #2 hacks to improve your Communication Skills

3. Why is this course meant just for you?

4. You will have to do it at one point of your life

B. About Me

1. Class 12th Disaster (Video)

2. The Come Back (Video)

3. My Journey of Public Speaking

4. How my life got completely changed?

5. My Endeavor

6. You are not alone - Case Study of 5 All-Time Greatest Orators who Overcame Glossophobia

C. Start Your Journey

1. Getting rid of nervousness
• I’ll look down while speaking
• My breathing gets heavier on the stage
• The audience won’t understand me

2. Getting rid of stage fear
• I just can’t face the audience
• I’ll forget what to say
• People will make fun of me

3. Getting rid of the fear of being judged
• What if the audience doesn’t consider me intelligent enough?
• What if I am asked a question, I don’t know the answer to?
• I am not good looking

4. Getting rid of the fear of failure:
• What if I go blank?
• What if I fumble?
• What if I over shoot the time?
• Failing is good

5. Getting rid of MTI
• My English accent is poor
• My pronunciation is horrible
• I may sound funny

D. Supreme Essentials

1. Eye Contact

2. Body Language

3. Posture

4. Know your audience

5. Content

6. Voice modulation

7. Stage coverage

E. Incredibly Impressive

(Appear way more confident than you actually are)

1. Leave a lasting first impression

2. Do this so that everybody remembers you forever

3. Grabbing everyone’s attention immediately

4. 8 Internationally Proven guaranteed tips for becoming supremely confident (Part 1)

5. 8 Internationally Proven guaranteed tips for becoming supremely confident (Part 2)

F. Over & Over Again

(Practice is the Key)

1. 5 Mind Blowing practice techniques

2. Preparation makes all the difference

3. 4 things to do just before you go on to the stage

4. 100 Practice Topics

G. Not to be missed (Bonuses)

Bonus #1. A proven method to release the fears before you start speaking

Bonus #2. Today, you are the most ready you can ever be

Bonus #3. 390+ Supremely Powerful Words to create an impact when you speak

Bonus #4. Avoid this one habit to excel at public Speaking

Bonus #5. Case Study - He spoke just for 10 seconds on his first impromptu topic. He just paid a complete course fee of Rs. 5,000 compared to many others who paid Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 Lakhs. Today, he earns as much as all of them do.

Bonus #6. Case Study - How 2 under confident speakers transformed themselves and sold software worth Rs. 1.4 Crores in 6 months (Case Study – Video)

Bonus #7. Case Study - Her investment of just Rs. 5,000 on Public Speaking Skills got her a dream high flying job at a package of Rs. 5 Lakhs pa

Bonus #8. Case Study - His Excellent Public Speaking Skills have accelerated his growth in is Professional Life. In 6 years he has worked at SBI and Infosys. He works at the United Nations today.

Bonus #9. My 22 Supremely Powerful Tips for Highly Impressive Communication Skills

Bonus #10. A Supremely Elaborate Study on How to Analyze your Audience

Taking Action E-Books

Bonus #11. Program your mind to learn quickly & easily

Bonus #12. 10 Daily Hacks to improve your Public Speaking Skills

Bonus #13. Kill all your Limiting Beliefs

Bonus #14. Shine at your workplace

E-Books Enabling you to Achieve More

Bonus #15. Achieve all your Short-Term Goals

Bonus #16. Achieve all your Long-Term Goals

Bonus #17. Avoid Procrastination

Bonus #18. Lead with example

Bonus #19. Sales made easy

Exclusive 235 Live Workshops by Rahul Bhatnagar

Video Testimonials


Communication & Business Mastery + Live Workshops by Rahul Bhatnagar



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Mr. Vikas on 8126-484-760 or 7906-99-2513 or Ms. Simran on 8956420649

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Students' Profile

Gaurav Sugandh

Mercedes Benz

Garishma Dhasmana


Sidhant Jhunjhunwala


Harshit Srivastava


Bhawna Ojha


Archana Bhatt


Dr. Sanjay Goyal

Dr. Sanjay Goyal's Laser Stone Center

Amar Kant

Franchisee Owner Sharekhan

Gaurav Madaan


Arushi Gupta


Himanshu Walia


Kishore Kumar


Entrepreneurial Workshop

Attendees' Feedback







Students' Profile



Zubin Mehta

The Oberoi Group

Aditi Parashar

Indigo Airlines

Akshita Uniyal

EVC Ventures

Nirit Datta


Abdul Sami

Hilton's Group

Ravi Kumar

Indian Air Force

Saumya Basak

Robert Bosch

Neeti Maggu

Radiant Exports

Pragya Sharma

Square Yards

Naman Bahuguna

Aggreko Singapore

Ankit Sharma

United Nations


I am into Event Management. Rahul's Sales Strategies and Public Speaking Skills' Workshops has immensely helped me. My Client conversions have doubled ever since and I have cracked 4 major Seven Figure deals for my company.
Aditi SharmaEvent Management
I was working in Mumbai and had my interview in an MNC for their Delhi-NCR Region. I took a one hour session on Interview Skills over Skype from Rahul. His methodologies and way of explaining is really simple to understand and implement. His passion for his work is truly commendable. I cleared the interview and presently am the only girl in the entire North India operations of the company. Thanks Rahul.
Priya Mathur Area Manager (Medical Sector)
As a Team Leader, I owe all my success to Rahul Bhatnagar. My team's performance has immensely improved with his coaching & my team has seen unprecedented growth ever since.
Himanshu Walia Manufacturing Industry
I was amongst the Toppers of my college. I was still struggling to get a good package due to my average Public Speaking Skills. With Rahul Sir's Workshops, I not only grabbed a package of Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum at LG, but I am also sent by my company to deal with foreign clients. I have travelled to 6 countries in just 2 years. If you get an opportunity to learn from him, then it is a must join.
Harshit SrivastavaIcare
I don't know what would I be doing with my career had I not come in contact of Rahul sir. His Workshops motivated me to go the extra mile and become a fluent and confident public speaker. I was able to crack 8 out of 10 Big Interviews that I went for. I also cracked the interview of the best German University. Now, not only is my education completely free but I also get paid for my research work. I owe a big part of my success to Rahul Sir's Workshops & learnings. "Thank You Sir"
Ramya Rattan Studying in Best German University
Corporate world not only demands their employees to be knowledgeable, but also to be smart, communicative and confident while speaking. Well, I was lucky in this case because from the beginning of my career I had this magical person with me. Rahul Sir not only inculcated good communication skills in me but also through his Workshops I gained enough confidence to face any interview. It is his guidance and learnings due to which I am doing extremely well. He made me a confident and passionate person.
Vikas Kumar Airbnb

Students' Profile

Nishant Sharma

Bollywood Choreographer & Digital Marketer

Prachi Batra


Prem Shankar

Government Bank

Ruchika Pant


Shangeetha Balakrishnan

Faculty at Malaysia

Suchi Solanki

Shelf Drilling Singapore

Sumit Yadav

M R Proview

Suresh Mahala

Walter & Brukes

Akansha Agarwal

Future Group

Alok Kundani


Amit Kumar

Uprist Service Portal Pvt Ltd

Shubham Chawla


Communication & Business Mastery + Live Workshops by Rahul Bhatnagar



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Mr. Vikas on 8126-484-760 or 7906-99-2513 or Ms. Simran on 8956420649

PayTm or UPI on 7055-907-906


He is someone who made me realize my capabilities. And here I am today, working in Singapore with an international firm. I admire the way he used to teach us even the minutest details. I know how nervous I used to feel when I had to put forward my view point in front of people. But today, the case is completely different and quite pleasant. I initiate conversations and put forward my view point freely. He is the best teacher one can have, because he knows how to bring out the best of you.
Suchi BahugunaShelf Drilling, Singapore
I still remember the day when I heard him for the first time. His confidence was something which inspired me. I think being the part of his Workshops was one of the best decision of mine. It’s not that you only get motivated but you also find your own self & your passion. The thought of public speaking used to terrify me but today I am a confident Public Speaker. His Workshops not only helped me personally but also was a great help professionally. I am lucky I met him.
Mitali Bahuguna Bank Manager
I thank God for the best decision I took to enroll in the Workshops of Rahul Bhatnagar Sir. I met him first when he came as a guest speaker to our college. I loved his session and was very impressed and stirred by his words and have religiously followed each and every advice of his. I became Supremely confident and my career has gone upwards since then. His guidance and Workshops are a boon and a very must for every student.
Sidhant Jhunjhunwala Infosys
Being into the field of HR, I interact with people almost everyday. People have different mind sets, skills, capabilities and thinking process. This was not an easy task for me. I had the fear of facing people, talking to them & putting forward my mind set. Though I was knowledgeable but I was not confident enough to convey my knowledge. I knew I needed to sharpen my communication skills and I will be good to go and then I met Rahul. I still follow all that I learned from him. His Workshops sessions were inspiring, motivating, charismatic and enthralling. I learned everything about public speaking from him and today I don't hesitate being the part of conversations in any gathering. All thanks to Rahul.
Sumit YadavHR Head, MR Proview International
Your knowledge is nothing if you cannot put it forward smartly in front of people. This is what use to happen with me. And I was not able to realize it until and unless I met Rahul sir. I was inspired by his way of communicating with people and decided to learn it from him. I attended his Workshops, learned every detail and implemented in real life. Today I am working as Account Development Supervisor at EVC Ventures. Rahul sir’s teaching was the building block of my career. He is one of the best mentor. Thank you Rahul Sir.
Akshita Uniyal Account Development Supervisor, EVC Ventures
I met Rahul while he was on his mission of Delivering 50 Speeches in 50 Days. He was delivering his 39th speech “All About Marriage” at Bluequest Toastmasters Club. I have known him ever since then.His passion for work is commendable. He has been a great source of information. Not only is he a pro at the speaking business,his amazing energy, ideas and insights have helped many and they have turned into a huge success! His mentorship and encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue speaking as an avenue that I would not have considered before, but which has manifested as an important component of my personal development! Thank you Rahul for your support and coaching to help me become a more confident and impactful speaker!
Arushi Gupta Application Developer at IBM

Entrepreneurial Workshop

Attendees' Feedback







Students' Profile

Lavanshi Anand


Reshu Singhal

Director Proyah

Manvi Bhatt


Tamoghna Purkait


Dhiren Chaudhary


Neha Arora

Instagram Marketing Expert

Sujit Gavade

Tata Technologies - Team Leader

Rashi Reddy


Nishant Pant



Osmosys Solutions

Rakesh Negi

Government Services

Saurabh Bhatnagar


Dr. Lokesh Chaubisa


Aayushi Ratha


Nilesh Pakwane

Canara Bank

Odissi Acharya

Larsen & Toubro


Rahul Bhatnagar delivers inspirational, relevant and educational content in a fun way, packed with enthusiasm. He loves giving motivational speeches, helping people achieve their dreams and it shows. I highly recommend him for his outstanding work and encouragement of others!
Gail Muscott Professional Speaker, United States of America
Rahul has been a great friend since we first met 9 years ago while pursuing our MBA. Though we are of the same age, I still consider him as my mentor due to the invaluable learning and business advice that I have received from him for my company. He is a strategist and understands the core of every business. My company’s turnover doubled with the changes suggested by him.
Suresh Mahala Co-Founder - Walter N Brukes Events & Exhibitions
Rahul Sir is a pool of motivation and positive vibes. He has always helped people realize their true potential and has never failed to amaze us with his inspirational videos.
Alisha Parvez Thakur B Tech Student, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
I remember it was 3rd March 2017. Sir Rahul Bhatnagar took a session on Entrepreneurship at our college in Belgaum. That session inspired me so much and made me think of doing something in my life. I then started with an Instagram Page called Dekh Bahu. Currently, that page has 21,000 followers and more 900 posts. All thanks to Rahul Bhatnagar Sir for taking this session and making me realize my potential.
Afshad Hawaldar BBA Student at CBALC Belgaum
I have known Rahul for about a year now. In this one year, he has helped me in ways he doesn’t even realise himself. As an immaculate speaker and a visionary leader Rahul has helped me understand the elements of speaking. A particular one I know now because of a conversation with him is making content relevant to the audience. It was through a discussion after one of his speeches where he shared this insight and changed my point of view of writing a speech – even to tell your audience what you want to tell them, you must say things that they want to hear first. This has helped me make better speeches as well as to deal with a lot of situations in life. More power and glory to you, Rahul! I look forward to your continued growth and success!
Devina Chaturvedi Former PR Manager, District 41, Toastmasters International
“Rahul, naam to suna hi hoga”. This dialogue from Shahrukh’s movie applies to this gem as well. Rahul Bhatnagar is a man who is obsessed with dedication, motivation and altruism. Being known him for more than a couple of years, I am humbled and fortunate to have a friend, mentor and a guide, all in one undle of flesh. He is an express machine of ideas, talks and inspiration. However, I warn you that you may get in touch with him at your own risk, as he is contagious with positivity, hope and success.
Ankur Bhargava Professional Speaker & Life Enhancement Mentor

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Communication & Business Mastery + Live Workshops by Rahul Bhatnagar



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